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About Itasca County

Itasca County Minnesota Itasca County is located in Minnesota's Arrowhead Region and is about 2 million acres in size. It is the state's second largest county and has within its boundaries more than 1,000 lakes and abundant parks and recreational facilities.

Major industries include wood products, tourism, mineral processing, and agriculture. Businesses benefit from a well educated and skilled workforce that is loyal and productive. Complete transportation and freight network, education, and financial incentives also help support businesses.

Residents benefit from a county which offers a multitude of recreational activities for all four seasons, affordable housing, and efficient public services. The community also is enhanced by a large offering of human service agencies, 2 hospitals, arts, programs, grant awarding foundations, churches and service clubs and organizations.

Northern Minnesota Deer Northern Minnesota Blue Heron Northern Minnesota Fishing Nothern Minnesota Wolf

The center of Minnesota's beautiful resort and recreation area, Itasca County hosts thousands of tourists annually. Each season brings its own particular beauty to Itasca County. Rivers, lakes, and streams abound with Walleye, Northern Pike, Muskies, Crappie, Jumbo Perch, and other species of fish. Moose, white tailed deer, timber wolves, black bear, fox, ruffed grouse and various waterfowl, plus our state bird, the Loon, thrive in this natural paradise.

Tourist and residents alike enjoy a county of natural resources including lakes, streams, and isolated forests. Recreational opportunities explore these natural resources through a myriad of trails for hiking, biking, ATV's, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing. Other activities, including golf, ski areas, museums, and festivals provide for a great time in Itasca County.

The county's heritage is firmly rooted in the history of settlers who came to this area to work in the logging and mining industries. The spirit of these settlers influences the arts, literature and culture, providing a special kind of perspective in viewing the future.

For more information about Itasca County contact the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce.